Bus 12 Volt Battery Supplies and USB Ports

Passenger seat rail mounted 12 volt power supply and or USB ports.

Bus Winter Front

Get ready for winter with a custom winter front cover installed on any bus. Yellow or white.

Bus Isolation Partitions (Prisoner Transfer Interiors)

Maximum lockdown partition units. Single/double cell or general population secure cells.

Bus Seating

Perimeter seating, custom standee rails and poles. Seat belts and crash barriers.

Bus Interior Modifications

Partitions, individual and large group areas. Wall and ceiling carpeting, upholstery along with many varieties of seat designs and colors.

Bus Backup Camera Screen MNT

Back up cameras, Interior, or exterior cameras and add DVR each time it is activated. Bus perimeter cameras and alarms.


Air-Weigh Systems available for onboard weight truck loading measurements.

Air Shield Mounting

Increase fluid economy with the installation of Layden and Aerodyne air shields.

Automatic Chains

Improve winter traction with the flip of a switch with Onspot, Insta-Chain and other brands of automatic tire chains.

Automatic Lubrication Systems

Reduce the time spent on preventative maintenance and help extend the life of your vehicle with the installation of centralized automatic lubrication systems from Groeneveld, Lincoln and Vogel.

Auxiliary Power Units

Provide power to heaters, coolers and accessories efficiently and compliantly with an APU.

Body and Equipment Installation

Install a dry van, stakebed, flatbed, reefer, or dump body and necessary components before the truck is invoiced.

Central Hydraulic Systems

Install a central hydraulic system, or "wet line kit" for a snow plow, low boy trailer, or dump.

Customer-Furnished Options and Equipment

We also offer installation of customer supplied equipment like decals, tire carriers and communication systems.

Decal Installation

The Truck Specialty Center has trained decal installers who can install TSC-supplied or customer supplied decals.

Diamond Logic Programming

The Truck Specialty Center has trained Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) programmers and offers custom program development and templates.

D.O.T Inspections

Have your annual D.O.T. inspections done by a qualified inspector before delivery.

Driveline Retarders

Extend the life of your brakes with a TSC-installed electro-magnetic retarder.

Fender Installation

Improve the appearance of your vehicle and stop tire spray with custom fender installation.

Fifth Wheel Mounting

Have a specialty fifthwheel installed on your tractor from Holland, Jost, or Fontaine.

Frame Change / Modification

Shorten or lengthen the wheelbase of a chassis to accommodate almost any application.

Power Take-Offs

The Truck Specialty Center can install front engine power take-offs (FEPTO) for plows or mixers; rear engine power take-offs (REPTO) for mixers; or transmission-mounted wet line kits for dump bodies or trailers.

Safety Equipment Installation

The safety equipment you need, including triangle kits, flares and fire extinguishers, can be furnished and installed at the Truck Specialty Center.

Specialty Painting

Custom colors and paints schemes not offered from the plant can be provided at the Truck Specialty Center to make sure your vehicles get the attention they deserve.

Tag / Pusher Axles

Increase vehicle capability and flexibility with the installation of a tag or pusher lift axle.


Add an additional air conditioning unit to meet the cooling demands of special applications like ambulance and bus bodies.


Hydrapaks cool, filter and modulate hydraulic fluid and can be installed at the Truck Specialty Center.

Increased Corrosion Protection

The Truck Specialty Center offers corrosion protection with products such as Tectyl coating.

Hendrickson Lift Axle

International Truck Specialty Centers have partnered with Hendrickson to provide a special lift axle program for our Caterpillar dealers.


The International Truck Specialty Centers offer certified reconditioning of your vehicle. We analyze, recommend and replace key components to give you a custom overhaul.

Emergency Vehicles

International Truck Specialty Centers are experienced in highly-specialized chassis requirements and options for emergency applications like ambulances and fire rescue vehicles.

Component Changes

Need a component not offered from the factory installed on your truck? The Truck Specialty Center offers component changes to give you exactly what you need to get the job done.

Air Horns

The Truck Specialty Center can equip your vehicle with air horns for safety and asthetics.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

For a quick, easy, and clean pre-trip inspection, the Truck Specialty Center can install a Cat's Eye tire pressure monitoring system.

Pintle Hooks

Have a custom pintle plate installed on your vehicle.

Moose Bumpers

Protect your vehicle against severe animal damage on the road with the moose bumper installation at the Truck Specialty Center.

Lift Axles

Distribute weight more effectively, increase capacity, and comply with bridge laws with a lift axle installed by the Truck Specialty Center.


The Truck Specialty Center can install tuckaway lifts and a variety of other liftgates on the body of your truck.

Tool Boxes

Keep your tools secure and easily accessible with a Truck Specialty Center installed tool box.

Winter Fronts

The Truck Specialty Center can furnish and install winter fronts to keep engine operating temperature in the sweet spot during cold winter months.


TSC can provide a twinsteer solution on both 5600 and 7600 with certain emission years and axle configurations. Just select the correct feature code and have your twinsteer installation performed at the Truck Specialty Center.