Why Choose Us

When customers request post-production modifications on International® products, there’s no one in the industry who should perform the work other than International Truck Specialty Centers. After all, we designed, engineered and assembled the truck. So, who better to trust with your most important modifications and specialty needs than the company whose badge is on the front?

Unlike the many others in this industry, only International Truck Specialty Centers are fully owned and operated by Navistar. Our International Truck Specialty Centers offer unparalleled benefits to our customers and their business through three key attributes:

Engineer Approved – We tap the experience and power of hundreds of Navistar engineers who ensure our work and modifications are properly designed and performed.

Warranty Protected – All work done at an International Truck Specialty Center is backed by our worry-free warranty program and will not void the original factory warranty on your truck.

Customer Smart – Our unrivaled experience and knowledge of Interntional trucks, combined with an optimized delivery cycle time, means you get premium modification work in record time. That’s money to your bottom line. That’s smart.

Quotes From Customers

“Whether it’s adding a decal, mounting an air shield or installing safety equipment, the Center helps cut down on total delivery times and meet our customers’ needs very quickly.”

Chris Randall, Sales, Navistar

"When you drop ship a truck into another location, having a small, unknown shop do the work can be a crap shoot – but not with these guys. I know them. I trust them. I get a good backing from them."

Shon Rasmussen, Fleet Sales Manager, McCandless of Arizona

"We have utilized Truck Specialty Centers for numerous up fits including, frame mounted tool box, hydraulic 5th wheels and air lift axle installations. The advantage we use to sell the up fits vs. competition is the warranty provided from TSC being the same as the chassis and the capability of the International dealer network to make these repairs if needed. The process of receiving a single quote, that remains the same price, no matter what plant the truck is built at, has greatly reduced complexity in the ordering process. We have a lot of geography we cover in our AOR, we have been able to have PDI, DOT Inspections, Fire Extinguishers installed at TSC locations and drop ship the completed unit to the customer and not tie up 2 people from the dealership all day delivering a truck to the far corners of the State of Colorado."

Scott McCandless, President, McCandless Truck Center, LLC.

"We regularly use TSC to meet the varied needs of several of our vocational customers. It has been a great experience working with the employees there. They are responsive, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers. The quality of work has been excellent as well."

Jon Wyman, President, Cascadia International Trucks

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